Flutter App Development – Why You Should Choose Flutter

Flutter App Development – Why You Should Choose Flutter

Flutter provides Fast Easy and Smooth Development.

Developers feel that Flutter development provides the easiest experience than React Native. They find Flutter provides a simpler and shorter development process and some great tools for debugging, profiling, and inspecting your widget tree. 

There is a lot about Flutter to know.  In this article, we will learn What is Flutter and what are the benefits of using Flutter for mobile app development that motivates developers to use it instead of platforms like Java, Kotlin, and cross-platforms like React Native. Read on.

  • What is Flutter?

Flutter is a cross-platform UI toolkit launched by Google for mobile (Android & iOS) apps, web, and desktop applications (Windows & Mac).

It is also known as open-source technology used by worldwide developers and businesses to develop mobile, web, and desktop applications with a single codebase that can be used for multiple platforms.

Developers find Flutter is the best choice for cross-platform as it is not a library or framework that is used in addition to other technologies, but rather a UI software development kit. Flutter is based on DART Language

Flutter uses Dart as a programming language for developing fast apps.  Dart language is created by Google in 2011, but it has improved a lot over these past years. Dart is a client-side programing language that is easy to learn, stable, and creates high-performance applications.

Based on the survey, 42% of developers used Flutter for software development. You don’t need to hire different flutter experts to develop your app.  App developers can also work on it. You can also hire Enact App Development Company that works on different technologies.

 Flutter is a technology used by small companies and also large brands, such as Alibaba.com, Abbey Road Studios, and The New York Times. According to Flutter, more than 100, 000 apps have been launched since the technology was first introduced. The most popular Flutter apps include Realtor.com, Tencent, Square, and Google Assistant.

Flutter is often compared to other languages for app development such as React Native, Kotlin, Java, and Xamarin. According to Google Trends, the developer’s engagement in Flutter has been increasing over the past 12 months in the United States.

  • Why Flutter?

Now that you have understood what Flutter technology is, it’s time to understand why Flutter? It means that you should know how it will help you achieve your business goals and why you choose Flutter over the other cross-platform technology.

In this section, we will tell you the major 10 benefits of using Flutter in Mobile App Development.  I hope these reasons will help you to understand why so many companies decide to use this technology for their cross-platform app development. Read on.

  • 10 Benefits of Using Flutter in App Development

Here are the following benefits of Flutter for App development.

  • Simple Cross-Platform App Development Technology

Flutter is an open-source technology which means that its source code is freely available to use, modify and redistribute.  Developers who are new to App development find app development a little bit difficult and get overwhelmed with information about how to create an Android application or launch an iOS app. Fortunately, you have Flutter which provides you with simple cross-platform app development tools designed to save you time and reduce headaches.  With Flutter, you will find fewer technicalities and issues during app development.

  • Flutter is fast

This is one of the great advantages for all developers who are using Flutter for app development.  According to Surf experts, Flutter development is 20-59 faster compared to the creation of two native apps.  

It means any changes made in the code are immediately visible in the app. This fast development in Flutter is known as “hot reload,” which means that Flutter’s hot reload features help you quickly and easily experiment, build UIs, add features, and fix bugs, and these all can be instantly viewed in the live app. 

  • Single Codebase

With Single Codebase, programmers no need to create multiple codes for different versions of apps. Programmers can create single codes once and that can be used for Android and iOS apps. In addition to this, a single version of an application runs on both iOS and Android.  This saves a lot of time and efforts developers used in writing codes for different platforms.

  • Google Security

Security has also been an issue for App development. Google itself is involved here, so there’s no doubting the security.  Google takes the security guaranteed by Apps developed with Flutter as the company uses the technology itself.  To improve security, Google will continue to fix bugs, release new versions, and updates, and contribute to the technology as much as they can. 

Flutter app development has developed many projects such as Google Fuchsia and Google Ads, which helps you to rely on Google security and ensure you that Flutter will be around for a long time.

  • Best User Experience

Flutter provides a wide range of ready-made widgets that can be easily used by users to create applications.  Flutter is perfectly easy to use with a little bit of knowledge of code and basic programming concepts, everyone can use it.  Everything you find is a widget in Flutter development, whereas widget widgets can be combined to constitute more complex layouts.

Flutter app developers reuse and customize widgets to create beautiful user interfaces. With the Codelabs guide, you can learn and create your Application here.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

This is another eye-catching benefit of Flutter for app development.  If your budget is low or limited, Flutter will be the best choice for Web, App, and Application development. The study says the full-fledged development of Flutter costs is on average30 percent minimum that creating two native apps. 

As we said, Flutter is a single codebase SDK which is an obvious advantage. It means a short development process, fewer developers, as well as reduced complexity.  As a result, you will be developing two apps for Android and iOS faster with a single codebase, and on a smaller budget.

  • Customize Widgets

Flutter is all about Widgets and it provides a wide selection of Widgets. Widgets help developers easily design app interfaces.  For best user interface designing, developers can customize widgets.  It is very easy and simple to do. Customize widgets provided by the framework helps developers avoid many other problems.


  • Dart as Programming Language

Flutter used Dart as a programming language and it is easy to code and understand. Dart language was created by Google itself for multiplatform development. Dart is easy to learn and faster compared to other languages such as Java. JavaScript is one of the most hard-to-learn languages.  Dart can also easily compile to any native code. The benefits of Dart language are:

  •    It avoids competing standards
  •  Simple and easy to learn
  • No need for additional tools or programs
  • Compatible with all design templates
  • One language for all app development (Mobile, Web, and Application)


  •  High Performance

Flutter is high in performance compared to Xamarin and React Native. Flutter app development gives you fast execution on any platform because it used Dart as programming which is itself fast, simple, and easy to compile into native code. It’s fast to create simplified 2D games and apps with Flutter, except for 3D (OpenGL) apps.

In the event at the iOS Summit back in 2017, Flutter showed higher performance compare to Xamarin and React Native. These days, Flutter has enhanced the metrics, and now it demonstrates the speed improvement to 61 ms.

  • One Technology for All Apps Development (Mobile, Desktop, and Web)

Since Flutter is open source single-codebase technology used for mobile, web, and application development. Java, Kotlin and React Native cross-platform developers are shifting to Flutter technology because of its simplicity, fast speed, and Google support.

Flutter is highly compatible with the latest web rendering technologies like HTML, CSS, and javascript. Flutter App development can be easily used for compiling the existing code into a client experience, embedding it into the browser, and then deploying it to any web server.

According to Google’s Q3 developer survey in the third quarter of 2021, around 92 percent of developers are happy to work with Flutter, with more than 53 percent stating that they are extremely happy.

  • Is there any drawback to using Flutter?

It is very reasonable to ask as many people are still not associated with flutter. .  Drawbacks come with the development and go with the improvement. Google improving Flutter every day because it has drawbacks, let’s have a look at them.

  • Flutter uses Dart programming language which is new to developers. 
  • Flutter-based apps are not supported by browsers as of now. But, it may develop in the future.
  • There is a lack of support.
  • Large file size because of the widgets
  • A limited set of tools and libraries

Besides these drawbacks, there is a plus point if you’re using Flutter.  In addition to this, Google will implement the drawbacks soon.

  • List of Top Brands that Worked With Flutter

In 2022, various popular brands trusted Flutter, and become popular around the world. This SDK works with such world giants like:

  • The New York Times
  • eBay
  • Square
  • Groupon
  • BMW
  • Sonos
  • Tencent 
  • Google Pay
  • ByteDance
  • Alibaba Group
  • Dream11
  • Abbey Road Studios

Additionally, there are popular Flutter apps:

  • Google Ads
  • Reflectly
  • Xianyu
  • KlasterMe
  • Lunching
  • Hamilton
  • Postmuse
  • Pairing


Statistics show the popularity of Flutter among the developers as nearly half a million developers now use its open-source UI framework Flutter each month. The 2020 statistics show that 30 percent of developers chose Flutter, and now in 2021, this number grew to 39 percent.

All of these happening because of various benefits offered by Flutter. Flutter technology saves money, time, and human resource while offering the most native productivity of an app. Today, everyone is becoming a fan of Flutter solution. Hence, Google made it worthy of increased attention.  If you want to get the same benefits for your application, contact us to discuss the opportunities of this SDK and get help from professional Flutter developers.

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