How to Build a Voice Chat App Like Clubhouse

How to Build a Voice Chat App Like Clubhouse

The clubhouse is gaining huge popularity across the world. People like us love this voice chat application and its amazing features that help millions of users and famous people  connect with each other.

The clubhouse is the new revolution in social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It makes us realise that suggestions are not bound to our  fingers; you can raise your voice, too.

Since it was launched, many small and big businesses have started developing voice chat apps like Clubhouse. Many new businesses were influenced by the iconic personalities on Clubhouse, like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Chris Rock. Additionally, 10 million+ weekly active users and 700,000 rooms are created every day on Clubhouse, also showing the huge growth of the app.   There is much more to know about the clubhouse.

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This article will tell you everything about developing a clubhouse, be it the process, features, cost, etc.  Read on,

  • What is a Clubhouse?

The Clubhouse is a social media app with a twist. It is an audio-based social media platform for Android and iOS devices. Earlier, it was used only for iOS devices, but now Android users can take advantage of it as well. Since it was an invite-only app, users couldn’t join chat rooms without invites. Once you get the invite, you can join the discussion. But after July 21st, 2021, the company removed its invite-only system so that everyone could join the platform.

This amazing app was developed and launched by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Paul Davison and ex-Google employee Rohan Seth in April 2020. This voice-only application lets users engage in casual listening, participate in discussions or debates, and share their thoughts with voice through rooms.

Users can create or join rooms to connect with their favorite people and can have an audio chat with them. Users can take part in debates, or discussions and can share their ideas and suggestions with their own voices, which means no alterations and no editing. This app literally connects you with your favorite people, which isn’t great. Also, at the Clubhouse, each room has a capacity of 5000 people at a time.  It means online discussion without any boundaries or interruptions.

  • How does it work?

There is no coding needed to connect with people on Clubhouse. It is quite a simple application, like other social media apps, except for its specialty. Users can download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store and can register for it. Now you can start using it.

This platform enables users to listen to interesting conversations, news, and interviews, and they can also take part in debates. These discussions cover a wide range of topics such as marketing, news, politics, entrepreneurship, and business to name a few.

On the app, the content available to you is dependent on who you follow.  And if you want variety in your feed, search for keywords you’re interested in and follow people who come up in the results.

  • Why is Clubhouse the Next Social Media Revolution?

There are several popular social media platforms available, but still, why is Clubhouse—an audio-based platform—becoming more popular? Why is everyone moving to the Clubhouse?

In the era of social media apps where we can do video chats in high resolution, people are moving to the Clubhouse voice chat app because the Clubhouse platform provides users with a platform where it feels like you’re having a chat with your friends.

 It also allows them to give their suggestions through audio, with live streaming audio channels and more engagement with their favorite person, celebrity, or politician. 

Here are the reasons why Clubhouse could be the next social media revolution.

  • It’s more engaging
  • You can raise your voice here
  • You don’t need to be camera ready
  • More business connections
  • You can give your suggestions and ideas
  • Clubhouse approach is unique
  • Reasons to Invest in Voice Chat Apps like Clubhouse

Here are some facts and figures about clubhouse growth and future opportunities for the clubhouse and upcoming clubhouse-like applications.

As of February 2021, the Clubhouse app has more than ten million weekly active users.

Clubhouse ranks among the top 20 social media apps on iOS.

It has over 28 million downloads worldwide.

In April 2020, Clubhouse was the most downloaded audio-based social networking platform.

 The clubhouse was valued at $1 billion in 2020, and that number has grown since then. 

The clubhouse is currently valued at $4 billion.

From the beginning, the company was focused on developing something more interactive and fun for users. There is no clear information on the clubhouse revenue model, but they got investors to accomplish their project. But it doesn’t mean that there is no way of earning. Like the other social media apps, Clubhouse will also find a better way to earn, or maybe the team is on it. Who knows?

Develop your own social media like Clubhouse and launch it with some unique approach to get success in the market. You can read here how social media apps make money  so that you can integrate the major ones into your app to start earning from the beginning.

  • Benefits of Developing a Clubhouse-like App for Business

If you want to engage your audience more with your business, you need an app. As a leading app development company, we understand that every business needs an app. We know the ins and outs of the app development world and recognize the market potential of an app to help our clients take advantage of the opportunity.  As a business owner, a new approach works as a new opportunity, and hence, make sure you develop a similar social media app but with a new approach. Here are the various benefits of developing a voice chat app like Clubhouse.

Expand your business

With a Clubhouse app, you can engage with a worldwide audience that could be your potential customers.  You just need to create content of interest to them and allow them to discuss it with you.  Once your audience is fully engaged with you and they start getting to know you, they want you to do business with them.

Connect with more audiences at once

Compared to other audio-chat apps, Clubhouse gives you an opportunity to hold meetings with 5000 audiences at once. Don’t you think, it’s so much better than other social media apps.

 There is a lot to be done

The clubhouse app is still new, so there’s plenty of room for improvement and experimentation. Contrary to the social media giants, like Facebook and YouTube that are coming up with advertisements, Clubhouse is still ad-free and wide open for experimentation.

Developing a Clubhouse-like application can help to be a good platform for marketers to stress-test their marketing campaigns and take feedback from people or customers who are interested in a specific niche.

These 3 major benefits of the development of voice chat apps like Clubhouse will give you important insights to grow your business.

  • How to Create a Clubhouse-like App

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating an app like a clubhouse.

Market Research

Learn from others-best quotes for success.  There are various social media platforms, but the most famous are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Why are they famous? because they followed a creative and unique approach. Hence, you need to learn from these social media accounts. Don’t be just another Clubhouse or any other social media app available on the market. Your idea must be unique, creative, and solve real problems. Only then can you expect to achieve success in the market. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you devote your full attention to conducting market research.

Know Your Audience

The success of your app depends on how well you know & understand your target audience. Make sure you have the proper information about your audience’s preferences, tastes, problems, etc.  Once you know your audience, it’s easy to target them. The best way to know your audience right is to get down to the ground.

Create best UI/UX

User engagement is highly dependent on the user interface and design of the app. Therefore, your app needs to have the best UI/UX design and it should be user-friendly.

Build an MVP

Build an MVP for your ideas to make them cost-effective and less time-consuming. MVP helps you to decide the exact needs of the idea and what should be required in the project to ensure its successful completion.


Marketing is the best tool to match your product to your audience. Before you dive in, you should prepare a proper marketing strategy. You can reach out to celebrities, or social media influencers to promote your app. Influence marketing strategy is in trend now and it will help for exposure and may attract new users.


 Read Feedback and Implement

Feedback is important! If you’re getting feedback, it means you are doing it well.  Just make sure you read the feedback and implement it in your project.

  • Does Clubhouse make money?

As we said, the prime focus of the clubhouse app was to give users a better and newer face of social media apps to connect with people. Currently, the company is not generating any revenue, like other social media platforms.  They are still focusing on growth and will thereby worry about monetization later on. However, in April 2021, the platform introduced a payment feature in the app that allows content creators on its platform to accept donations and monetize their audiences. But unlike Patreon, there is no charge for donations.

It does not end here. Currently, Clubhouse is only focusing on growth, but it has many opportunities with which it can monetize its platform, such as advertisements, subscription fees, selling tickets for (offline) events hosted by content creators, and charges for premium content.

If you have an idea to develop a clubhouse-like app but haven’t thought about the revenue model, read the next section.

  • How Can I Make Money on the Clubhouse App?

Here are the following ways through which everyone can make money on the Clubhouse app.


If you want to make money on Clubhouse, then sponsorship is one of the best things you can find.  Like YouTubers, Clubhouse content creators who get sponsored by companies are paid to promote their brand, product, or service.

Paid Rooms

Sometimes well-known content creators on Clubhouse create closed Clubhouse chat rooms and monetize them.  You can do the same if you have a good base audience.


Percentage-based fee on every donation

This technique is definitely for businesses who want to develop a clubhouse-like app. They can charge a percentage-based fee on every donation like Patreon. Here we have two other ways for businesses to make money with clubhouse like a voice chat app.

  • Sell tickets for offline events hosted by platform creators
  • Advertisement
  • Subscription for premium content
  • How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Clubhouse-like App?

The cost factor has always been an important factor for app development, be it a clubhouse app or any other.  Still, there is no definite answer to this common question as the cost is based on various factors in the app development process..

Want to estimate the cost and other factors? Get in touch with our expert. They will suggest some effective solutions for budget-friendly app development.


Hey, guys! This was a guide on how to develop a clubhouse-like voice chat application. We have tried to cover the most important factors for developing an app like Clubhouse.  If you’re looking to develop your own clubhouse-like voice chat app, then I hope that this article will help you.

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