6 Shopify App Business Ideas You Can Start Today (2022)

Shopify App Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Shopify is one of the popular platforms, holding over 1.75 million merchants selling online on Shopify and around 1.59 million live websites on the platform.

Shopify comes with solutions for everyone, be it merchants, customers, developers, or others. They not only provide the platform to grow online, but their team also suggests various ideas to create your own platform on Shopify.

Do you have any Shopify app ideas? If not, don’t worry.

If you’re feeling that you can develop your own store on the Shopify platform but are looking for a new and creative app idea to create and scale your business, we’re here.

In this article, we will show the 6 new app ideas that need to be implemented in Shopify. Read on to find the most powerful app ideas you can develop on the Shopify store.

  • What is Shopify?

Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce platform that allows anyone to set up an online store and sell their products or services.

It is one of the leading platforms, perfectly designed for all business sizes. With the help of Shopify, anyone can build or grow their existing business with an easy-to-use eCommerce platform.

Merchants can sell their products in person with Shopify POS. Entrepreneurs from over 175 countries trusted Shopify for selling their products & services.

Shopify provides various services to sellers and customers, such as payments, marketing, shipping, and customer engagement tools.

Here you can find the different products or services that can be sold on Shopify.

  • Physical Products
  • Digital Products
  • Services and Consultation
  • Membership
  • Ticket Experience
  • Online Classes
  • Rentals

If you want to sell other products or services; make sure you check their official terms of service to ensure that what you plan to sell is legal in your country.  Their customer support executive can also help you with this.

  • Reasons to why setup Shopify eCommerce Store?

It’s good to research what you’re going to implement or where you are going to setup. As a leading Shopify app development company, we meet thousands of sellers who want to start their journey with Shopify but are in doubt. So, before you dive into app ideas, let’s get into some statistics and reasons to setup to ensure you’re investing in the right place.

According to Statista, stores on Shopify experienced a 50% increase in online sales in 2019.

According to W3Techs, more than 4.4% of the top 10 million websites use Shopify as a trusted platform.

As of 2022, Shopify is among the top 10 biggest publicly traded Canadian companies by market capitalization.

The total revenue of Shopify was over 4.6 billion U.S. dollars in the fiscal year 2021.

80 percent of Shopify’s traffic comes from mobile.

There are over 1.75 million sellers selling their products and services on Shopify.

I hope these statistics will help you to make better decisions for your business. Let’s have a look at reasons to invest in the Shopify eCommerce store.


Reasons to why setup Shopify eCommerce Store

  • User-Friendly

Shopify is a user-friendly platform as it gives full access to the store owners of their store.  They can make the changes in the store according to their own preferences and can implement them in their own way.

  • Powerful-Platform

The Shopify eCommerce development platform is one of the powerful platforms because it provides various services and offers to merchants to help them in the development of online stores and build success in the market. Shopify itself comes with exceptional app ideas, amazing themes, and powerful marketing tools to ensure your market stability and growth.

  •  Easy to Setup and an Accessible Platform

The main mission of Shopify’s founder was to develop a platform that should be easy to use for users. A user with less technical knowledge can also create their store on the Shopify platform just by following a few simple steps.


  • Payment Integration

Shopify web development platform supports most of the popular payment gateways such as credit cards, debit cards, and online payment options like PayPal, Netbanking, Wallet, COD, and others. You can offer your customers a wide choice of payment options so that they can choose the payment option with which they feel most comfortable.

  • Secure & Reliable

Shopify is certified Level 1 PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant.  It means that the stores on Shopify are equipped with data encryption tools, security of Shopify payment gateways, virus protection, risk analysis tools, secure network, regular monitoring, as well as testing networks. All Shopify Stores on the Shopify platform are automatically PCI compliant by default.

  • Low-Cost Development

The cost of Shopify is quite normal because there is a need for hosting and you can also use free themes for your app stores. Shopify app stores also provide you with built-in payment integration and security tools. Everything is available on Shopify, and that’s why the Shopify company ensures that everything is within the budget.

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  • Mobile Responsiveness

This is one of the great advantages of choosing a Shopify eCommerce development platform for your business. More and more users are mobile-friendly and access all the shopping portals using their mobile phones, and the Shopify store automatically provides users with a faster mobile experience without hiding any of the functionality or features of your store.

  • Product Management

Shopify offers a great place to manage your inventory, no matter how many products you have. Shopify allows you to edit and specify your products on your own.

  •  No Hosting Required

You don’t need to purchase web hosting when it comes to Shopify development because Shopify will host your store. Shopify will secure and manage your files in their hosting and never slow down the speed of your website.  To create your store on Shopify, you just have to purchase the domain and you’re good to go. 

  • Built-in & Custom Themes

As we said, Shopify comes with 1000+ free and paid themes. You can choose as per your requirements and choices. You can also customize the theme on Shopify with HTML and CSS.

Now, if you’re convinced with all these supporting points regarding investing in Shopify stores, then you surely need an app idea.  In the next section, you will find great new app ideas for web & app development on Shopify.

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  • 6 New App Ideas You Can Build on Shopify

Creating your app ideas on Shopify can be a great investment, but before you go ahead, we recommend you ask yourself these questions:

  • What type of app do you want to create for Shopify?
  • Are there similar apps on the market?  
  • What additional features can you offer in your app?
  • How much are they charging for similar apps?
  • What is your budget?

Make sure you calculate the pros and cons of app development


  • 1. Marketing App Idea

A robust marketing tool can help merchants market their products and services, boost sales, optimize checkout conversion rates, and generate sustained buzz around a specific product, service, or brand. Marketing can include campaigns, ads, and sharing.  These are all ways of doing marketing so that your customers get to know about the latest additions, discounts, exclusive offers, etc.

So, help merchants with their marketing by developing a robust marketing app solution that offers them various tools to use for promoting their business.

  • 2. Inventory Management App Idea

Inventory management and planning might be an issue when you have a large number of products.  Sometimes the business owner or the whole seller stores the bulk of the products in inventory to manage demand and supply, but this can also lead to wastage or spoilage due to certain reasons. In this case, you may have to bear a high cost.

To mitigate this, you need to have an app that automates your ordering process so that you can manage the stock according to demand.  In this case, an inventory management app idea can really help merchants to manage their actions.

  • 3. Cybersecurity App Idea

Every business needs security protection, be it retail, service, web development, or others.  Software app development is a special case where at every stage you need protection, whether for website SSL security or virus prevention for payment gateways. Hence, developing a cybersecurity app for Shopify is a lifesaver for merchants.

With the help of a cybersecurity app, they can secure the transfer of the payment, prevent spam and fake accounts, monitor suspicious activity, etc.

  • 4. Store Design App Idea

Your newly launched store design should be appealing and eye-catching, leaving a lasting impression on first-time visitors to your store. Store designing is quite a difficult job, and when it comes to designing your store, you may be getting confused. This happens to many entrepreneurs when it comes to designing a store, so why don’t you ease their problem?

Developing a Store designing app in Shopify will help many entrepreneurs to design their stores without much hassle.  Your app will help them size their store, and choose the color, backgrounds, images, right angle, and other elements included in the design category that comes to the merchant’s mind when designing the store.

  • 5. Social Media Sharing App Idea

Sharing your business online on social media apps is one of the marketing tactics to grow your business online, and every online business is involved in this. Shopify itself offers a social media sharing app so that merchants can share their content, like blog posts, or product pages and services, to promote their business.  But the glitch is that Shopify’s social media sharing is limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

There is hardly any app on Shopify that integrates all social media sharing apps so that merchants can share their content related to their store everywhere.  Here, you can develop an app that integrates all the social media apps on Shopify. This will help merchants to promote their businesses online on every platform they are available on or want to be on.

  • 6. Wholesale Hub with Low Cost

The wholesale selling business is more profitable and needs a large investment, but the catch is that it is quite difficult to manage orders. It is cheaper than the retail one because wholesale selling items’ prices are low. But the glitch is that many existing wholesale apps on Shopify are not up to par, and some of them are quite expensive.

Therefore, many entrepreneurs are looking for an app that offers the best services to manage wholesale orders at an effective cost.  You can develop the app for the same and can start your app business today to earn a profit on Shopify.

  • Conclusion

Hey, guys! This was the guide about “6 new app ideas that need to be made in Shopify.” Although app ideas are endless, and it is difficult to add all app ideas in one or two articles, it’s up to you how you see the market and make the most of it. You can use your creativity and come up with an exciting app idea to develop on Shopify.

Whether you want to develop an app or web idea on Shopify, you can do it on your own. But an appealing and attractive solution can only attract customers to your business, and to do so, you need expert Shopify app developers.

Hiring Shopify developers is also the best choice because creating an impactful app can lead to success. We have a special team of Shopify developers that provides you with end-to-end solutions including design, development, implementation, cost, process, and others.

You just tell us your Shopify app idea and we will make it a reality!

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