Things To Consider Before New Website Development

Website Development process

Whether you want to create a new personal or professional website, it is good that you know the Website Development process is quite simple and therefore affordable. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through this process to make your life much easier. We will also take this opportunity to give you advice on how to improve your website following its creation and publication of it.
Is it necessary to have the computer knowledge to create a website? Absolutely not. In 2022, there are very simple ways that will allow you to create a website. And this even if you don’t have the slightest knowledge of IT, development, or even web design.
However, if you like difficulty, you can always create your new website by coding it yourself.
For you to see more clearly about this process, we invite you to discover without further delay the 4 best ways to create a new website… more or less easily and quickly.

  • The 4 ways to create your website

In writing this guide explaining how to create a website in 2022, we wanted to do things in the best possible way. This is why we did not want to limit ourselves to the presentation of 1, 2 or 3 different means which will allow you to create a new website.
We will now present 4 different processes to you, all of which meet a variety of needs. It is therefore certain that you will find a method adapted to what you are looking to do.

  • 1. Create a website with WordPress

According to our teams, this is the go-to solution for creating a website. What does this mean exactly? Simply going through web hosting and install WordPress on it is both a simple, fast, economical and complete solution.
We mention WordPress but know that it is quite possible to use another CMS (Drupal, Joomla, etc). However, it is worth noting that WordPress is the benchmark in 2022: no less than 60% of websites are powered by its technology. This places it far ahead of its direct competitors, Joomla (5.2%) or Drupal (3.4%).
To return to the simplicity of installation and creation of a site via WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal, know that some host will offer you an automatic assistant.
Therefore, you will only have to fill in some information so that your site is installed and ready to use. Further down this page, we have made a step-by-step guide to creating your WordPress site.
You can then tackle the visual of your site, as well as the writing of content. On the personalization side, we find that creating a website with WordPress is very practical.
Thanks to many plugins, as well as the possibility of modifying the CSS/HTML code, it will be very easy to modify and improve your platform. Provided of course that you also have some knowledge (if you want to touch the code).

  • 2. Create a site with a website builder

The simplest solution to create a professional or personal website is clearly the one that consists of going through a website creator. But what exactly is a website builder?
It’s actually a platform that will allow you to create, customize and manage your site in just a few clicks. Everything will generally be done through click/drag, which turns out to be very interesting for those who really don’t want to bother, or who don’t feel comfortable with a more technically complex solution.
However, we must warn you if you want to make a website via this type of platform. This is not always the least economical solution (unlike taking a host and installing a CMS there), and you risk being a little limited in terms of the features offered.
Moreover, these all-in-one solutions do not meet the needs of all projects. Using a website builder to create a personal blog or a showcase site is entirely possible.

  • 3. Create a website by developing it yourself

The last way that will allow you to create both a personal and professional site is to code/develop it.
Depending on your choice, the costs will be very different. You must know it! And even if the first solution turns out to be less costly in terms of budget, it will prove to be costly in terms of the time spent developing your site.

  • 4. Everything you need to know about creating a website

Do you have a website and are thinking about redesigning it, or are you not yet present on the web but you want to remedy this? Then this page is made for you! We have gathered all the information and especially all the content of our blog that will allow you to know everything about creating a website.

Why create (or redo) a website?
For many companies, the website has become the cornerstone of their growth strategy. However, embarking on the creation of a website or the redesign of an existing website requires a minimum of reflection and stepping back, to define the strategy to adopt.
To do this, you must base yourself on concrete and proven facts. However, the advantage of the Internet over other media is that it allows you to have precise data to analyze the effectiveness of your digital strategy.
Whether you are an expert or not, by following a dozen key indicators, you will be able to form an opinion on whether or not you need to redesign your website and identify areas for improvement. and opportunities to seize for your next site.
If the redesign of a site sometimes proves necessary and unavoidable (because your site is poorly designed, poorly referenced, not or little optimized, or simply no longer up to date), the analysis of your data and the audit of your existing site will sometimes lead you not to consider a complete redesign of your site, which is costly in terms of budget and resources, but rather to identify more specific areas of improvement, the return on investment of which could prove to be much more satisfactory than a redesign.
Until you have the fundamental elements to define your web strategy and analyze the key indicators of your current site, redesigning your website should be a last resort.

  • The objectives of creating a website

Before launching headlong into an expensive, complex and time-consuming project, take the time to ask yourself and define the objectives of your website.
What do you expect? What goals are you aiming for? For example, do you want to increase the number of visits? Increase the number of leads generated? Improve the quality of leads?

  • The essential specifications to create a new website

Once your objectives have been defined, the next and crucial step will be to write the specifications for your website. This will integrate information about your company, its offer, its competition, but also the previously defined objectives, the desired functionalities, or the desired support.
To support you in your approach, we have designed a model of complete specifications for the creation of your website. You will be able to rely on a complete framework and save considerable time in carrying out this task.

  • CMS or custom website?

This is a common question when it comes to creating or redesigning your website. Do you need a fully custom-developed site or can you use a CMS (Content Management System)? The choice between custom site and CMS depends on many factors. Both options can have advantages and disadvantages, depending on the type of your project, its constraints, and the objectives targeted. Do not hesitate to call on the expertise and experience of the agencies to guide you.
Once the direction has been taken, if you have opted for the “CMS” option, you will still have to make a choice on the type of CMS you want. Because the list of proposed applications is substantial. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Hubspot…. Which CMS to choose?
You must study the features offered by each of them in order to have the tool that best meets your expectations, and is in line with your objectives.
Finally, in the case of the CMS, you will have to ask yourself whether you need a “standard” CMS or whether you want more specific or advanced features, such as integrated Social Network management, sending newsletters and emails marketing, a merchant catalog, or even a CRM.

  • Create a new website for more efficiency and results

As mentioned earlier in this article, we do not embark on the redesign or creation of a website without having thought about the objectives to be achieved.
Let’s not forget that a website is not just a source of expense, but indeed a commercial and marketing tool for which it is possible to calculate the return on investment.
Among the objectives with which we are most often confronted, we find the improvement of the visibility of the website, and through this, of the company and its products or services.

  • How long does it take to create a website?

You are ready, you now know where you want to go, why and how. However, one last doubt persists. How long does it take to create a website, and when can I expect to achieve my goals?
This notion of duration can be very variable. It will of course depend on the complexity of your project, the resources you allocate to it, but also the methodology used to design your website. The Growth-Driven Design approach , inspired by agile and data-driven methods, has the undeniable advantage of increasing your project’s chances of success.

  • How much does it cost to create a new website?

It is often said that we save the best for the end… The notion of cost is often the one that we often ask ourselves first, rightly or wrongly. How much does a website cost?
The price of a website depends on many factors: the number of pages, the technical specifications, the type of agency, the design method, the design, the options, the content, and many other elements.
Companies are therefore often faced with a wide range of tariff proposals sometimes ranging from simple to double or even… a hundredfold.
It is not always easy to differentiate between the different proposals available to you. However, maybe we should think about things a little differently! Will the creation of your website be a source of costs or a source of profits?

  • Choose your web communication agency

We are reaching the goal! You have before you various proposals and quotes. You must now choose who will become your partner for the next few months (or even years!).
Among the agencies or freelancers solicited, several caught your attention. Now you have to decide between them. But how to choose the right web agency?

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To do this, be as objective as possible and multiply the selection criteria. Indeed, focusing on price alone would be a serious mistake. A low price is not necessarily a guarantee of sloppy work and a high price is not all-risk insurance as to the quality of the service. Conversely, a low price is not necessarily a “bargain” over time, while a high price can be very consistent with your request.
The experience, the expertise, the understanding, the advice/recommendations provided and the relationship are all additional criteria that you must take into account.

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