Web App vs Mobile App – Which One is Best for Your Startup?

Web App vs Mobile App

Want to start your startup but don’t know which would be the best option to choose- Web App or Mobile App. 

This is the most frequent question we get from startups is whether they start from the web or mobile devices. This is also important that can have huge ramifications on user adoption, revenue, and overall product success.


Over the decades, we have experienced the startup journey and supported them in the development of their product strategy.


This work has provided us invaluable first-hand experience with the questions that companies must consider when determining whether to go smartphone or website first.


Before you dive into this, we should learn exactly the web app and mobile app for startups.  Read on and I am sure you will good stuff here.

  • Web App vs. Mobile App Definition

What is Mobile Application?

Any application that can be run on Android or iOS mobile phone supporting the system and its user is known as a mobile application. I know that you all are very well aware of mobile applications and you’ve used them too on your mobile.

What is a Web Application?

The web application is software that runs on a web browser.

There is no need to download and install the web app on end-user computers. According to the web development services provider, on the web app, you can span different pages or limit yourself to a single page.

  • Web App - Pros and Cons

Advantages of Developing a Web Application

  • No Login Required

Unlike Mobile apps, there is a need to log in on the web app. 

You can visit the web app online and can use it without any login required. A great example of a web app is Google Docs.

  • Personalization

The web app is easier to customize compared to desktop applications. Experienced web developers can develop custom applications with less effort through this application development process.

  • Cost-Effective

The reason the web app is cost-effective is that the web application is for one operating system only.

In addition, users can also access the system through any stable environment. This is helpful for startups business. The application test performs its job and ensures that the application works correctly on all platforms.

  • Unlimited Access

Web applications are accessible from any device, anywhere, and at any time.  A computer with a proper internet installation is sufficient to access the website.

Disadvantages of Developing Web Application

Every pole has two sides, and therefore, here are the advantages of developing web applications.

  • Web applications run online and run slower compared to native desktop applications.
  • The web application has increased size and is above the head.
  • Another issue with web application development for startups is that developers ship the available web browser with the application.
  • There is a security hole for web applications.
  • The client cannot read files, send emails, or print in the browser.
  • Mobile App-Pros and Cons

Advantages of Developing a Mobile Application

Here are the following advantages of developing mobile applications.

  • Supports Online and Offline

This is beneficial for startups in that users can use the apps offline and online.  However, it also depends on the development.

These types of mobile applications are completely new products, which can work offline. 

Moreover, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is implemented in developing mobile applications for startups making app development easier and more cost-effective.

  • Customization

Like the web app, there are various platforms available for developing a mobile application that offers great customization for the app.  Mobile application is generally developed so that users can make the mandatory changes to the way they want to use their applications. The mobile app comes with personalized features that enhance the user experience. Also, users can save data, select preferences, and share multimedia files on social networks.

  • Convenient

We know mobile apps are highly used for mobile e-commerce and are focused on user experience. Mobile Apps take less time to load compared to web applications. It offers speed, ease of use, and great performance.

Today, mobile applications are largely popular in various fields like the healthcare industry, political sector, e-commerce, entertainment industry, etc.

Disadvantages of Developing Mobile Application

  • Mobile apps required more attention and technical help.
  • Regular bug fixes and update needs in mobile apps.
  • In mobile applications, users need to log in to access the app.
  • Users must download and install new updates.
  • To reach more audiences, you have to develop a mobile app compatible with android and iOS.
  • Web App vs. Mobile App-Which One Should I Choose?

Every startup has its plan and strategies and they work according to them. One solution that is suitable for another may not also be good for you.  We cannot say which is better when it comes to mobile apps for startups or web apps other than letting both of you share the limelight.

Web apps can take more places but raise awareness of your business, capturing your audience, and allowing them to get to know you better.

On the other hand, mobile app development services engage your audience, generate income and reach a worldwide audience.

Web app development cost is much less than mobile apps, but they have few degraded features to some extent. But both the mobile app and the web app have the same benefits that cannot be overlooked or undermined.

Hence, when you decide on native versus web applications, make sure you analyze your niche, requirements, budget, response time, and market position before choosing between them. With this article between mobile apps and web apps, you should know that mobile apps and web apps have their advantages. Most likely, you won’t be hampered by financial constraints.

You can opt for a third way in which you can choose both mobile applications and web applications. Opting for both gives more means of communication for your business users.  You’re just one way away from developing your mobile application or web application. You can connect with our team to know the cost of app development, and the app development Process.



Every startup is different, and each built will have its own set of considerations based on the idea, functionality, and target audience. Our enAct team has worked with many startups and helped them with building a platform.  Our development team can help with more than just technical issues. In case, if you want to consult, our expert is 24×7 available.

So start your mobile or web app development journey with the best web and app Development Company in the USA.

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