How to Create a Mobile travel App?

How to Create a Mobile travel App?

The tour and travel industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. In many countries, 30–40% of income comes from the travel industry alone. According to the study, the Maldives’ tourism income makes up 60 percent of the country’s total GDP.

Developing a travel app is one of the best ideas to start in the market. Whether you have a startup or an existing business, it’s important to have a brilliant idea to grow in the market.

Following a successful business like MakeMyTrip or your competitor’s strategies helps you cope with the market’s other competitors. If you also want to develop an app like MakeMyTrip and want to estimate the cost involved in developing the MakeMyTrip app, you’re at the right place. 

In this article, you will find enough information to read about the MakeMyTrip app and travel app development costs. Cost may not be the primary feature to consider in app development, but it is the most important factor to consider for the smooth completion of the project, otherwise, you may fail. Read on.

  • Why Should You Invest in Developing a Travel Booking App?

The tour and travel industry are vast as this market does not deal with ticket booking only but also provides package holidays, hotel stays, or room booking in any hotel, private vacations, car or bus booking, rental, cruises, and more. The more they provide, the more they earn. This is the biggest advantage of the travel industry.

According to recent research by Statista, the revenue of the travel and tourism market is about to reach $637.70bn in 2022. And it is expected to reach US$949.60bn by 2026.


The travel industry alone is worth $1.2 trillion.

Technology has a big role in the travel industry’s growth because everything is online. Almost 60% of mobile users use travel apps while planning trips. Travel apps have changed the industry completely, and now there is immense growth in travel app development. 

There is a 15.4 percent growth in worldwide online travel sales and a 10.3 percent growth in hotel digital sal

Travel apps make everything easier for users, whether it is ticket booking for trains, flights (national & international), room booking in any hotel, or some business trip. Everything will be easy with the travel app.

I hope the growth rate of the travel industry and travel app development figures will help you make a decision about a travel app. If you’re planning so, read on. It’s time to read about the hero of this article—MakeMyTrip.

Did you know?

Travel-based mobile apps are the seventh most-downloaded app category.

  • About MakeMyTrip

Before we go ahead, let’s get into the story of MakeMyTrip.

For the travel industry, MMT is a successful example of a travel industry leader, and if you follow their strategies and concepts in your travel app; you can make a successful travel app as well.



MakeMyTrip is India’s top travel booking company and was founded by  Deep Kalra in 2000. The MakeMyTrip app was launched in 2012. Since its launch, it has gained a high volume of popularity among users. The company developed the MakeMyTrip app to make people’s journeys simple and convenient. 

Right now it holds nearly 25 percent market share in the OTA hotel booking segment. As of 2019, the company’s market cap was around $118 million, and recently it received a high investment amount ($118 million) from the Chinese travel giant Ctrip.

The company offers various services through apps, such as online ticket booking for trains, flights, and cars, as well as room booking in any hotel, business class travel, and more. Additionally, customers can book their holiday packages from home at the best prices.

According to market trends, MakeMyTrip offered great deals, attractive fares, discounts on bookings, and lightning-fast booking services, and this all helped MakeMyTrip to become one of the most popular apps for booking hotels, flights, and trips.

Making travel bookings enjoyable for Indians has always been the main mantra of MMT, which is why the app has been downloaded over 33 million times. The app is a cross-platform development so that Android, iOS, and desktop users can all use the app in their preferred way.

MMT provides exceptional features to its users, such as calendars, in-app wallets, personalized offers and deals, business travel, social reference benefits, and more. It makes the user’s travel experience more enjoyable within the budget. Currently, MakeMyTrip has served over 5 million customers, and people love them for their support and satisfying services.

  • Why Develop a Travel App Like MakeMyTrip?

The travel industry is vast, and MakeMyTrip and TripAdvisor are the kings of the market. There are many other cricketers on the market. It depends on you which one you want to follow. MakeMyTrip and TripAdvisor have had immense success in the travel industry and are growing ahead with a better future.

Both are considered all-in-one travel booking websites as they offer multiple services to their clients. Their strategies offered and features added in-app are brilliant for learning how to entice new customers.

Travel app development success depends on what services you’re offering to your travelers. Here are the reasons that justify developing a site or app like MakeMyTrip:

  • MakeMyTrip App is All-in-One
  • It provided the best deals, offers, holiday packages, budget-friendly family vacations, discounts, vouchers, and more.
  • It comes with high-end features to improve the customer’s travel experience.
  • MakeMyTrip and TripAdvisor have a global reach.
  • Travelers can compare the prices of hotels, flights, and cruises.
  • Social Engagement
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Travelers can share reviews, and feedback about the services.
  • MakeMyTrip follows a B2C business model, while TripAdvisor follows an advertising model.


There are many other factors to consider. Before developing an app or website, make sure you do your proper homework on this. It helps in the smooth completion of the website or app development process.

  • Why Travel Industry Needs Mobile App

Gone are the days when users connected with travel agents to make travel arrangements. Today, more than 60 percent of users use travel apps to book trips.  People prefer to make their travel arrangements on their own through portable and user-friendly mobile apps, and it’s time-saving as well. Trust me.

Travel apps have improved the user experience of traveling and also benefited the travel industry in a big way. Here are a few reasons why travel apps have become so popular and why you need a travel app for your travel business.

  • Users are more mobile-friendly.
  • Enhanced Travel Experience
  • Powerful Marketing Tools
  • Attract New Customers
  • Cost
  • Convenient and portable,
  • Cashless Travel


Users are more mobile-friendly.

Due to increasing demand and competition, mobile phone companies are offering mobile phones at affordable prices. Every user is mobile-friendly now and they prefer using travel apps that fulfill all their travel needs. Many travel companies have been replaced by fully-featured travel apps.

Travel Apps Enhance the Travel Experience

Travelers use travel apps for online ticket booking, hotel booking, exploring new locations or destinations, business trips, finding reviews for the destination, booking airlines, etc.  The Travel app enhances the traveler’s experience with all these services coming in one app.

Travel Apps Work as Powerful Marketing Tools

With the help of the Travel app, travel companies can enhance their visibility and online presence in the competitive market. Apps work as marketing tools that help you to stand out in the market with the help of social media, and local platforms to stay connected with the users. Companies can reach millions of users with a single click with mobile apps.

 Attract New Customers

Using travel apps, companies can offer discounts, offers, deals, and budget-friendly holiday packages to attract new customers. These tactics help in high retention of existing consumers and ensure more visits and more revenue.


Mobile apps enable paperless transactions. Everything is now available in soft copies, like tickets, invoices and receipts, hotel bookings, and even passports. It ultimately reduces the cost of labor and resources. This is directly beneficial to both the business and the users.

Convenient and portable,

Travel apps are easy to link to geo-location-enabled services like Google Maps and GPS to give maps, directions, and route diversion to unfamiliar locations. Hence, there is no need to carry voluminous guidebooks and maps. This is all now in hand with mobile apps. 

Did you know?

Triposo is a wearable travel belt for facilitating easy navigation.

Cashless Travel

People rely on cashless transactions as they are more secure and convenient. They prefer travel companies that facilitate digital payment modes through mobile apps. Hence, the benefits of apps allow travelers to travel cashless and, do all kinds of payments with one tap without any threat of money theft or quarrels for cash during the journey.

  • Key Features to Make a Travel App Like MakeMyTrip

Adding key features to the travel app makes it useful for travelers.  Whether you have a startup or an existing business, always start with a small investment to see the outcome. It wasn’t that MakeMyTrip was offering the entire key and advanced features from the initial period; it takes time to do so. To develop your own apps like MakeMyTrip or TripAdvisor, there are some basic key features that work well for travel businesses.  Let’s look into the features:

  • The delightful user interface
  • Access to all travel and hotel bookings (national & international)
  • Provide them with the navigation feature to search for a new destinations and local
  • Cost-effective holiday packages and bookings
  • Offer combo packages for a budget-friendly travel
  • Personalization helps travelers have a peaceful traveling experience
  • Whatever you’re going to provide, make sure that should be easy to use
  • 24×7 customer support.
  • Easy to book tickets and hotel
  • Must-Have Sections to Add in Travel App or Website

You can add as many sections as you like to offer service to our clients, but it also adds a high cost to your budget. Therefore, here are the must-have features you should add to your travel app to make it a MakeMyTrip app.

  • User Profile
  • Editing
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Activity feed & Newsfeed
  • Search bar    
  • Social sharing and referrals
  • Messaging     
  • codes, QR codes
  • Unified payment mode
  • Geo-location
  • travel-booking calendar.
  • Data synchronization
  • Push notifications
  • In-app camera
  • In-App Wallet
  • Unified Payment Options.
  • Admin Panel


  • Mobile App or Website-Which One is Better for Travel Business?

Having a mobile app or website for your travel business is an optional thing, but as we can see, industry leaders MMT and TripAdvisor are both offering websites and mobile apps. However, increasing demand for on-demand services facilitates the need for mobile apps.  Users find the mobile apps more convenient and easy to use for travel arrangements, as nobody takes a laptop with them all the time.

Here are the following advantages of having mobile apps for travel business:

  • East & Fast Booking Process
  • AI Development
  • Discount/Cashiers
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Wallet     
  • Digital Payment
  • 24×7 access to all services.
  • Mobile is a handy device and is largely used as compared to the computer desktop.
  • User engagement
  • Better Conversion Rate


These aren’t enough advantages over the website, but having a website and mobile app adds great visibility, conversion, and user engagement.  However, it also increases the cost of app development. 

  • Which are the other apps like MMT or TripAdvisor?
  • Yelp
  • Airbnb
  • Expedia
  • Agoda
  • Tripcase
  • Trip of Things


  • The Cost of Travel App Development like MakeMyTrip

The travel app development cost depends on various factors, and if you’re developing an app like MakeMyTrip, then it’s quite difficult to predict the cost. Still, here are the various factors that decide the cost of app development.

  • Platform (Android, iOS, Website)
  • Technology                 
  • Number of Features
  • The complexity of the project
  • Third-party integration
  • Support & Maintenance
  • The number of developers required for the project

You can also contact us to get an estimate of the cost of app development. 

It’s important to choose the right app development company for your budget-friendly project. If you have no idea how to find the right developers, you can follow our guide on how to choose the best app development company.



I hope this article has made it clear now that the travel industry has great opportunities for existing or new business startups. You just have to decide which travel business or niche is suitable and cost-effective for you.  Proper research and market analysis are really needed if you want to succeed in the business world.

If you have an idea for a new travel business, just connect to enAct eServices for the successful completion of the project.  We are the leading web and app development company in the USA and India.

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