19 Tips to Increase Sales on Your Shopify Store

19 Tips to Increase Sales on Your Shopify Store

The moment you launch your store, there is this urge for some magic to happen so that your products start flying off the shelves. We have a list of 11 reasons why Shopify is the best e-commerce platform, and if accompanied with skills and techniques, you sure can make the magic happen. There is never one perfect way to boost your sales but employing different tools and methods can sure bring results. With an experience of 10 years in Shopify app development and having built more than 150 successful stores, we have 19 expert-backed tips and tricks for you to increase sales on your Shopify store.


(Bonus tip: If you are new to Shopify, read our guide on what is Shopify and how does it work.)


Let’s get the sales rolling.

  • 1) A small CTA can create big leads

Clear call-to-action buttons make the user journey easier. Add buttons like ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Quick View’ on landing pages that direct users to checkout pages and eventually enhance conversion rates. Effective CTA avoids confusion and simplifies the process of shopping for your potential customer.

  • 2) Convert traffic with a welcome popup

Greet the visitor with a welcome popup offering tips, knowledge, or recommendations in their inbox to get hold of their email addresses. This gives you a chance to promote your products for them to visit again.

(Bonus tip: Timing is crucial. If you throw a welcome immediately as they land, it’ll only annoy them. Give the visitor 5-10 seconds to browse.)

  • 3) Keep your customers hooked by Cross-selling & Up-selling

Cross-selling is suggesting relevant products while Up-selling is persuading shoppers to buy an upgrade version. Add sections like ‘You may also like’ and ‘Complete the look’ under the product visitor shows interest in. This encourages them to buy more or higher-priced products.

  • 4) Let visitors know their questions are immediately answered

People usually have a lot of questions when they are interested in a product. Even if most of them are covered under product descriptions or FAQs, you have a high chance of losing your prospective customers if all their queries are not answered. Add the ‘Live Chat’ feature to make sure you provide them with everything they need. 

  • 5) Social proofs don’t just make you look good, they make you win

Robert B. Cialdini writes in his book, ‘Influence’, “We are willing to place an enormous amount of trust in the collective knowledge of the crowd…Social Proof is most powerful for those who feel unfamiliar or unsure in a specific situation and who, consequently, must look outside of themselves for evidence of how best to behave.” 

People believe a brand that is believed by a reputed authority. Add social proofs like certifications, and recommendations from a popular figure or an expert in your field. 

  • 6) Make your brand believable with content marketing

Use Shopify’s built-in blog feature to maximize traffic. Create ‘How to guides’, ‘product reviews’, or add a personal touch with ‘stories behind your product’. These attract organic traffic and build the brand’s reputation.

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  • 7) Loyalty programs are a way to stay in the hearts of customers

Renowned names like Starbucks use this tactic to earn the life-long loyalty of their consumers. It’s simple— reward your customer in little ways. It could be a point-based system where a customer earns points with every purchase or a discount/offer as they refer your product to someone else.

  • 8) We all use our phones more than desktops

You might have a stunning website but poor performance on a mobile screen can ruin it all. Provide customers with a seamless experience by optimizing your site for mobile. Focus on details like allowing photos to zoom, making text size readable, writing less but quality content, and highlighting the call-to-action. M-commerce is in fact one of the top 7 Shopify business trends of 2022.

  • 9) Reviews give customers a reason to trust

There are more than 300 Shopify apps to add reviews to the product page. Reviews are a way of telling people that there’s someone like them who has used and liked your product. This generates exponential results.

  • 10) Investing in ads increases your discoverability

Run ads on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Google where people spend most of their time. These places catch the most attention. Ads help reach people on a large scale. This eventually brings generous traffic to your website/app.

  • 11) Influencer marketing is worth the hype

There are ads and then there are ads by influencers. Influencers carry a large audience. Find an influencer that matches your brand’s industry. This investment can result in an immediate boost in sales.

  • 12) Email marketing if done right has a brilliant ROI

Email marketing is a powerful tool if done the right way. Understand your customer, their purchase history, and their needs. Based on that you may mail them recommendations of products. Other ways of keeping your customer in touch with you are by sharing podcasts, e-books, and articles on topics that interest them.

  • 13) Create compelling product pages

Make your product page handsome to seize the eyes of the visitor. This means both visuals and descriptions. Make sure your words are engaging, informational and just the right amount. At the same time, pictures or videos are a big deal. A good amount of time and energy spent earlier in creating content will give joyous results later. 

  • 14)Use social media to reach a wider audience

Put your social media to use by spreading the news, asking for shares, and describing your brand to the people in your circle. Share the link to your Shopify store, start conversations, introduce your products and tell your story. This will help you take the first step in marketing. If you are a starter, we recommend browsing through the list of 6 Shopify app business ideas you can start today, for some interesting insights.

  • 15) Trust signals have a lasting impact on customers

These are small badges or logos that act as a validation. Trust signals can be the ‘SSL certification’ logo of your website or the ‘secure payment’ badge that appears when you make a purchase. These are tiny but they make a huge difference.

  • 16) If shipping is free, show it.

Anything that comes free earns high attention. If you’re providing free shipping, then put it on the top of your website in the form of a banner. Brands that offer free shipping on the cart when it exceeds a certain amount perform well too. It’s your call to what extent you wish to provide free shipping but make sure to highlight it well enough in the beginning so that people are relieved of last-minute worries.

  • 17) Employ SEO to reach the potential customer faster

Shopify has built-in features to make sure your content is SEO-friendly. This might appear like a tedious task, but it helps you get greater visibility on google, attracting more traffic and therefore, increasing sales.

  • 18) Recover abandoned carts with attractive reminders

Don’t let a cart stay abandoned for a long time. Remind customers of the items in their cart through emails or SMS. Offer them discounts or free shipping to persuade them to buy those products.

  • 19) Leverage discounts as a marketing strategy

Use discounts or offers as a way of reaching their inbox. Create a popup with ‘Spin the wheel’ (which acts like a lucky draw for a chance to win great discounts) or something like ‘We have exciting discounts’ and ask for their phone numbers. There is a high probability that people will fall for these offers and share their contacts. You can use these contacts to market your products later for them to keep coming back.


What stands out amongst all these tips is the fact that a brand can only succeed if it’s centered around its customers. Aim to make your brand an experience for your target audience. Understand the psychology of the consumer and build your business accordingly. These tips if implemented carefully can help your business grow and nourish. Our experienced team by employing the right strategies and tapping into the pulse of the market builds the Shopify store for its clients. If you are looking for expert advice or an entire development of your store, connect with enAct for shopify App Development and let us bring the best for you. 

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