How to Choose a Technology Stack for Your Startup

How to Choose a Technology Stack for Your Startup

 A Tech Stack is a combination of technologies that are used to build an application. Whether it is startups or an existing industry, there is always a time when you need to develop applications such as web apps, or mobile apps, here tech stack comes in. 

Whatever framework, programming language, platform, and technology you’re going to choose for your application development is part of the tech stack.

It is really important to know which tech stack will be suitable for business, especially for startups.

Startups have to put more attention to the detailing of the tech stack and do more research on this and then make any decision.

To successfully implement the tech stack, you also need a brilliant team of developers that should be well versed with the technology.

If you’re also running a startup and want to develop your web app for your business,  then you should read this article. You can lot of important stuff beneficial for your web app project for startups.

As a startup business, you can relate to this article, and if you’re running an existing one but want to launch a new web app, you will also find good stuff here. Read on.

  • What is a tech stack?

A tech stack, also known as a solution stack or software stack, is a set of technologies that are used to build any application, software, or mobile app.

A tech stack basically contains two elements in any project- the front end and the back end.

The tech stack varies in mobile app and web app development. According to the project, the tech stack is decided. However, there are various other things to consider while choosing the right tech stack for your business.

In the rapid-speed world of technology, every business needs a mobile application or web application for the successful growth of their business in the market, and this is only possible if you choose the right tech stack.

According to the study, in 2019, the web application market size was USD 1.13 Billion and it is anticipated to reach USD 10.44 Billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 31.9 percent during the forecast period.

  • The Front-end and Back-end Tech Stack


Whatever you see on a web page like logo, search bar buttons, overall layout, and how the user interacts with the page is all front-end development.  In other words, front-end development is the user’s side interface, though the user interacts with the website or web application interface.

Front-end tech stacks usually consist of three elements:

  • HTML
  • CSS 
  • JavaScript


Back-end development is known as the server-side page,  which means that users cannot see this page. It includes all the technical work on the backside of web application development, such as servers, APIs, databases, etc.

The back end consists of a

  • Programming languages
  • Framework 
  • Database 
  • Server 
  • Importance of the Technology Stack in Web App Development

Be it a startup or a successful venture in the market, every business needs the right tech stack as technology growing day by day. 

A technology stack is a combination of technologies and tools that are employed to develop a single application and ensure market success.

In this article, we will study the tech stack tools as well.  It’s important that you use the right technology in your application development; otherwise, there is no way of going ahead. 

The tech stack includes a variety of tools, frameworks, programming languages, servers, and databases. These tools are the basis for developing any web application.

If you’re well familiar with or not sure about the right tech stack for your project, you can also delegate this work to an app development company, and they can help you pick the best tech stack for your web application.

  • Role of Tech Stack in Web App Development for Startups

As we said, the technology stack is a set of technology and without using technology we cannot imagine building web applications. 

The Tech Stack is a very important part if you want to develop an application for your business.  The tech stack gives you options so that you can choose the best and right technology for the right growth of your app. 

For startups, the right technology and tools are more important to ensure the right place in the online marketplace.

Now, that you know about the role of the tech stack in web app development if you want to choose the best tech stack for your web application development, make sure you read the next section

  • How to Choose the Right Tech Stack for Web App Development for Startups

The right tech stack is the basis for web app building, and there is no alternative to it. You cannot compromise on it, because there is no back-off situation, and if you do back off, you may have to bear a high cost.

Hence, we are going to discuss a few things that you should consider while choosing the web development technology stack for startups.

Project Type

The type of project is an important factor to consider while choosing the right tech stack for startups.

If you have a small project, then you can go with a standard content management system like WordPress. Or, if you have an average project, you can choose from JS, C++, Python, and others. For complex projects, you need specialized web apps.

 Audit the Tech Stack

New apps and updates are being launched every day, so it’s quite difficult to brand your new product. Therefore, we recommend you audit your tech stack before going ahead. 

However, every company has unique goals, needs, and approaches, yet auditing is important. It shows you the right way for the right development.

Auditing the tech stack saves time, effort, and money.  Make sure you audit everything from the CMS (Content Management System) to the social media accounts you use to build your brand’s presence.  Once you have done the auditing, you can consider other factors to choose the right tech stack.

Timeline of the Project

Project accomplishment needs planning, strategy, effort, and a long time and delivering the project on time is really challenging.

The time to market majorly depends on the technology stack that you choose for your web app.

Hence, make sure you choose the tech stack as per the timeline of the project.  As a responsible web app development company, we will deliver your project on time, and bug-free.

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Experienced Developers

Nothing is possible without developers. The developer’s expertise plays a major role in the successful accomplishment of the project, and that’s why it is recommended that while choosing a tech stack, you should consider the developer’s expertise. 

Your developer’s experience and knowledge will be important as one can solve a problem while designing the code. Whenever you choose a tech stack, make sure you strike a balance between the developer experience and the technology stack you choose.



It refers to the growth of the web app you’re going to develop. When you choose the tech stack, it is supposed that it will help to control the growth spurt with the increase in in-app users.

A tech stack is a complete package of technology services, so make sure you choose the right tech stack for your startup business.


Maintenance can cost you a lot sometimes, as it depends on the codebase and underlying software.

Therefore, you should choose the programming language that uses short and reusable codes, so there would be much effort and money needed when it comes to maintenance, especially for startups.

System Load Requirements

Many projects have different processing loads, and therefore, not all technology stacks can meet all processing load requirements. Hence, it is recommended that you should collate your product processing loads with the capacity of the technology stack before developing a web app.


 Planning of budget before developing the web app will prevent many upcoming problems in the development process.  Different technologies may vary in cost, and therefore you should choose the tech stack and developers according to your app development budget.


There are various technologies available for web app development, but finding a full stack developer or a good developer in that technology is hard, and this is because most in-demand developers are already taken.

Less efficient or inexperienced developers can break your project. Hence, when planning your tech stack, choose the commonly used stack for which you can easily find developers today as well as in the future.


If you’re developing an app that needs a high level of security, such as payment web apps or digital banking web apps, then you can opt to use security technologies such as Ruby on Rails.


In some cases, you may need to meet licensing or regulatory requirements.

  • 8 Reasons to Choose the Right Tech Stack for Startup Success

It’s important to know every aspect of the technology stack because you can’t create the best results until you understand it in a nutshell. 

To make it more clear, here are the following reasons for choosing the right tech stack to ensure the best success rate for startups.

  1. It ensures the successful completion of your web app development project.
  2. The right technology stack helps startups grow in the market at a high pace.
  3. The appropriate tech stack ensures product growth and future success.
  4. It helps in smooth development and running during the initial stages of development.
  5. Choosing the right stack helps developers and boosts their productivity.
  6. A good tech stack is also easy to use. Hence, it makes the development process easier.
  7. Right technology means the right growth in the market
  8. Last but not least, a good and right technology stack develops a good product that ensures customer satisfaction, which ultimately ensures the success of your business.
  • Top 5 Popular Tech Stacks for Web App Development

If you’re not familiar with the tech stack you can use for web app development, don’t worry, we will make it easy for you. We have compiled the list of 7 popular tech stacks that are best for web development.

  • Python

Python is a popular, high-end, general-purpose, programming language. It’s easy to use and requires less coding. Phyton is the best language to learn as a beginner development language. It offers various powerful features to create robust solutions. Python’s extensibility enables developers to write code in languages such as C++ and C#. With Phyton, you can also develop web applications using a Django web framework.

  • Java

Java is one of the most popular and commonly used programming languages. If you want to develop a web app for a particular object, then Java is perfect. This programming language is specially designed for object-oriented purposes, and to have negligible implementation reliance. This programming language can be used to create interactive effects on web browsers. With JavaScript code, HTML web pages can be interactive and even personalized for each user.

  • LAMP Stack

The LAMP Stack is one of the oldest stacks based on open-source software components.  The LAMP Stack is short for Apache HTTP Server, MySQL, Linux, and the PHP programming language. It is free to use and simple to modify. It means you can modify it according to your needs. This is an appropriate tech stack for developing custom & innovative web applications.


  • ROR Stack

ROR refers to Ruby on Rails. It has a rich repository of gems and library integrations that make quick app development simpler. Ruby on Rails is the perfect solution for developing a lightweight web application. Also, it is a secure and scalable stack, and it follows the ActiveRoad pattern, which is compatible with MySQL.

  • MEAN

The MEAN stack is a popular tech stack to build an app quickly.  It is a free and open-source technology, and developers use this stack for developing dynamic web apps and mobile apps. In addition, this is an end-to-end JavaScript stack, which means that developers can use a single programming language throughout the entire stack.

The basic components of MEAN are MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and NodeJS.

  • Which Tech Stack is Budget-Friendly for Web App Development?

If you’re a startup and you’re focusing on cost, you’re doing the right thing. It’s important to move ahead, but step-by-step.  For example, there are various techniques and you will find many that tell you the multiple features of the different tech stacks, but you have to focus on the quality and budget-friendly tech stack.

As a startup, we recommend you choose Node.js full-stack web app development. It fulfills all the requirements for a web app project and needs a small team and less cost.

On the other hand, if you want to develop a large enterprise software system, then you have to make sure about its security and stability.  And to do so, the right tech stack would be ASP.NET Core with Microsoft Azure. With the help of this stack, your developers can easily maintain and improve such a software product for years.


Popular Tech Stack Examples:

Here are some popular tech giants who have heavily invested in the technology stack that powers their web app projects.

Airbnb Tech Stack-

  • Amazon CloudFront, Google Analytics, etc.
  • Programming Languages: Ruby, JavaScript
  • Framework-ROR

Facebook Tech Stack

  • BitBar, Campaign Monitor, Framer, etc.
  • Programming Languages: PHP, GraphQL, Hack, JavaScript, Linux, C++
  • Framework-React, Swift, React Native

Uber Tech Stack

  • Zendesk, PayPal, Twilio, etc.
  • Programming Languages: Phyton, Java. Node.js, C,C++
  •  Framework-Node.js, Apache Thrift

Netflix Tech Stack

  • Oracle, Amazon, GitHub, etc.
  • Programming Languages: Phyton, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Swift
  •  Framework-React, Node.js, WinJS

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